Dining Services

Spring 2017

Traditional Plans

 Traditional plans are purchased on the Brandeis Website via My Housing on the Community Living page and include a combination of Meals and Flex Points. Meals can be used at Sherman  Dining Hall and Lower Usdan Dining Hall. Flex Points, and WhoCash are accepted at all dining locations.

19 Meal Plan: Any 19 meals per week in Sherman and Lower Usdan resident dining halls + 250 Flex Points per semester
15 Meal Plan: Any 15 meals per week in Sherman or Lower Usdan + 600 Flex Points per semester
12 Meal Plan*: Any 12 meals per week in Sherman or Lower Usdan + 850 Flex Points per semester
10 Meal Plan: Any 10 meals per week in Sherman or Lower Usdan + 650 Flex Points per Semester

*default plan for mandatory meal plan participants

Block Plans:

120 Block Plan: 120 meals and 400 in points per semester

 80 Block Plan: 80 meals and 300 in points per semester

Commuter (or Voluntary) Meal Plans: 

are only available to students living in non-Brandeis Housing

90 Block Plan: 90 meals and 100 in points

60 Block Plan: 60 meals and 60 in points

Please Visit the Campus Card Website for more Information: http://www.brandeis.edu/services/campuscard/fall2016mealplans.html

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