Campus Initiatives

As a guest, it is easy to make smart environmental choices when you dine at a Sodexo café. We know today's college students want to do the right thing for the planet and we also understand you lead busy lives, so your Sodexo chefs and managers do a lot of the work for you behind the scenes! This commitment was formalized with Sodexo's Better Tomorrow Plan, which includes 18 commitments for a brighter future by focusing on four key priorities: health, planet, community and our people.

Local Suppliers

Here at Brandeis we make it a priority to source as many of our ingredients from the local and regional area. Just a couple examples: we partner with Russo's Produce in Watertown, MA to purchase local, seasonal fruits and vegetables while Red's Best Seafood provides us with fresh fish caught daily from the Massachusetts bay to help support small, independent New England fishing boats.


Pre-consumer and post-consumer food waste from our kitchens and the dish room is all collected by an off-site waste management vendor to be composted. In addition, the paper plates and napkins required in Sherman Kosher dining are also included in the composting system.

Reusable Containers

Participate in our Choose to Re-Use program for sustainable to-go eating in resident dining. Ask your cashier for a green to-go container, fill it with food to-go, return the dirty container to us to be washed, and receive a token for your next to-go meal. By washing and re-using these containers, we cut down on any waste that could be associated with a to-go dining program.


Recycling bins are available in our retail dining locations for your disposal needs. Our kitchens also recycle essential materials such as cardboard, aluminum, and plastics.