Frequently Asked Questions

If I am using Bite, am I already enrolled in the Loyalty program?
Yes! There is no separate enrollment process for loyalty. 

How do I accumulate loyalty points?
At Brandeis, account holders can use both WhoCash and BitePay to accumulate loyalty points. For these two payment methods, account holders will accumulate 3 points per $1 spent with WhoCash and 6 points per $1 spent with BitePay. Other payment methods do not accumulate loyalty points.

How many loyalty points do I need before I earn a reward?
Account holders receive a $2.50 reward after accumulating 300 points. Points will reset with any overage being applied toward progress for the next reward. 

Where can I redeem loyalty rewards?
Loyalty redemption can take place at any accepting location within the BiteApp. When you have a reward to use, you'll see it in the Place Order screen of the App, and can redeem it by swiping it from left to right.