Mobile ordering with Bite for Universities

The app that does it all

BiteU specific linkDining has introduced simple mobile ordering to power your on-campus dining experience with the Bite for Universities App by Sodexo. Ordering with Bite is 100% contact-free - easy, fast, and convenient. Mobile ordering lets you place your order ahead of time on the app for pickup at Dunkin', Louis Deli, Swirl Smoothies, SubConnection, Tres Habaneros, Einstein's Bagels, Farber Starbucks, AFC Sushi,  and The Stein. Download the App from the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android devices, simply search for Bite for Universities, scan QR code, or click HERE to go directly to the Bite for Universities website. 


Bite Setup

1. Open the app and create a BiteU account by clicking NEXT on the first screen.

2. After creating your account, the next screen prompts you to link your campus card using your single sign on credentials.

3. Enter your campus card to link your Meal Plan or WhoCash funds with your BiteU account.

4. IF you have previously downloaded or created an account, and NOT linked your meal plan, hit PAY in the dock, click "activate" and enter your campus email credentials to confirm.

5. You are ready to use your dining plan in BITE.

Forms of Payment

1. Linking your Brandeis card to Bite

Following the setup instructions above will allow for use of one or both of the following:

2. BitePay

Follow these instructions for BitePay setup:

a. After opening the Bite app and creating a BiteU account, click NEXT on the first screen.

b. Select the Pay tab - all the way on the bottom right of the screen.

c. The next screen prompts you to link your campus card using your single sign on credentials. (Note: You will not need to link a campus card for BitePay).

d. Swipe to the right and the bite pay screen will appear. You can swipe again to add a credit card.

e. Below where it says “BitePay Operations” select activate.

f. Once you select activate- two emails will be generated to your email.

g. The first email received will provide an Access code. The second email will provide the opportunity to select “activate BitePay” and it will prompt you to enter the access code received in the first email.

h. Once activated you will be able to add funds by selecting “load funds” below BitePay operations. (Note: A first time BitePay disclosure has to be read through and accepted before adding funds).

i. Enter Amount you would like to load and add credit card information under select payment Method. Select Save card and Add money.

j. Funds will appear on your BitePay Card and you are ready to order!

A Word on the GET App:

WhoCash deposits may be made from the GET Mobile App on a smartphone (found as "GET Mobile" in the App Store or Google Play Store) or through the Brandeis Login Page under WhoCash/Meal Plans. Your GET login is your Usernet ID and password. Besides adding funds and checking balances, GET is also the place to track meal swipe and Points balances if you have a Faculty/Staff Block Plan or Points Only Plan.